Get the Full Benefit of Your Nanoskin Facial Device

Get the Full Benefit of Your Nanoskin Facial Device

We have received various inquiries on how to get the full benefit from the Nanoskin anti-aging skincare device. While we strongly suggest reading the instruction guide included with your device, this easy-to-follow tutorial may help you better understand how to get the full benefit from this awesome hand-held appliance.

The purpose of the unit is to reverse signs of aging by allowing the benefits of your skincare products to penetrate deeper into the skin. At the same time, the electric stimulation boosts collagen production and blood flow to create plumper, smoother, rejuvenated skin.

It is easy to use, yet its sophisticated features can take a little time to get familiar with. The wire-free handheld unit is packaged with a charging base, plug, and user guide. To get the full benefit from your Nanoskin facial device, make sure it is fully charged before using it.

Remove metal ring
remove metal ring
Affix cotton under the ring
Affix cotton pad

Step 1: Ion Deep Cleanse
Start with clean skin. Wet a cotton pad with toner or your favorite cleanser and water. Affix the cotton (I like to use a large square) with the magnetic ring as shown. Power the unit on by pressing the center “OK” button. Scroll up to the “Cleansing” setting and choose your desired power level. Slowly and gently work the device over your face and neck, avoiding the eyes directly. It may feel slightly warm. I would allow 3 minutes for complete deep cleanse. Rinse any remaining residue from your face. Remove the cotton pad and replace the magnetic ring.

Step 2: Nourishing
This next step allows for deeper penetration of your favorite anti-aging skincare products. For this step, you want to use something that will remain moist on your skin during use. I like to use a serum, but a similar product would work too. Apply the product to your cleansed skin, turn the device to the “Nourishing” setting and carefully set the device at the lowest setting, and hit “ok” to start. Use the device directly on your prepared skin. You will likely feel a pulsing, tingling sensation, as well as warmth. Adjust the level up as you feel comfortable but please be careful to not use too high of a set until you are used to how it feels. Again, gently work the device over the face and neck, avoiding the eyes and any other sensitive areas. I would recommend 5 minutes in this setting. Be sure to keep the skin moist with the treatment product of your choice to get the full electroportation benefits.

Step 3: RF/ Massage
There are 2 different options here. You can scroll up to RF only, or use the RF/ Massage setting combination. For this, apply your favorite moisturizer to your face (again, I would recommend one with collagen-building or other anti-aging benefits) select the “ok” button to start and adjust to the lowest level and work your way up to the level you are comfortable with. You will use the device in the same manner as the previous step. Here you will again feel warm and likely various pulsing sensations depending on your own sensitivities. This step is stimulating collagen production, circulatory benefits while affecting the muscle fibers. For this function, 5-10 minutes will allow for maximum benefits.

Final Step: Cooling
Scroll down to the “Cooling” option and again select “ok” to start and select your comfort level. No additional product is needed. Again, use the device directly on your skin. In a slow, gentle manner, work the device over your face and neck. It will feel cool. This step will soothe and tighten the skin, which is especially beneficial after the previous stimulating effects. Allow 3 minutes at this level (the device will shut off automatically after 5 minutes).

You may see benefits immediately, but most notice visible improvements after 3-4 uses. Do not over-use the appliance. Most see clear improvements using it up to 3x per week.

You are now well on your way to younger-looking, firmer, smoother skin!

* I always suggest starting at a lower level and work your way up to the desired level. This is especially important with the RF functions.

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